Edward Bass was nominated for Golden Globe award. He financed five different pictures on his own during a short period of 2 years. He drew inspiration for his various films from his own challenging life and with the help of his creative ideas he was successful enough to project the same beautifully in his films.
Most of the films and documentaries that were produced by him were very similar to his real life, where he had to face new and complex challenges. Often he was termed as determined and opinionated producer. This has been proved by his ability to select the right actor for a role in all his projects. During early stages of his life Edward Bass learnt a lot about the entertainment world. He learnt these lessons along with his family, when he used to go for ski trips during the weekends in New York & also during the vacations he used to spend in Las Vegas. During this period he also made arrangement for backstage visit with number of famous people like Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Milton Berle & Harry Belafonte.
Later on, he directed these artists in his films too. These actors also trained him in skiing at Lake Mead. When he was studying in High school there used to be many concerts and get-togethers at his home, which also influenced him greatly.
Producer Edward Bass later on managed many kinds of other talents too that includes boxers to ballerinas. One of the boxers, who acted in his film called Julio Caeser Chavez, later on became a very highly paid super boxer in middleweight boxer champion group in the sports history.
Soon after, he also produced some of the musicals & also many events in the name of Bob Hope Day and another one called Great Moments on Stage. He associated Nicholas Brothers in these events. He was also involved in many other musical events with Toni Tenille & Hinton Battle, who was Tony award winner.
He could also manage to invite President Ford along with his wife Betty, who presented Stanley Kramer – his partner, a special accommodation in Roxbury Nightclub along with many other members of the Democratic Party. This matter looks little amazing to many people since Bass himself was the only liberal out of them.
Producer Edward Bass was also responsible in removing various stigma attached to the AIDS patients in USA. He also orchestrated the public debate between Ryan White and Ronald Reagan while a young man, who was HIV infected was expelled from his school. This gesture had helped Ronald Reagan to come out of seclusion and he started supporting HIV patients publically.

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